Saturday, November 21, 2009

Well there's your problem...

Last night, I rode aboard one of Crescent Towing's harbor tugs, the “SAVANNAH”, and photographed the tug and crew at work on the Savannah River as they assisted with the undocking, docking, and escorting of container ships and tankers. It was a good, fun and somewhat chilly experience and I made some pretty good images. At least I think I did,

Before we were ever underway, I lost my eyeglasses overboard. Now I’m experienced at being aboard boats of all types; I’ve worked in the marine industry for over twenty years and I’ve owned my own boats for longer. I know how to move around on and conduct myself aboard boats. But in a moment of haste to get my camera strap over my neck, the strap caught the side of my glasses and flipped them off of my head into the murky and fast moving Savannah River. Gone.

So, while I believe I got some good shots last night, I can’t be sure just yet. They do look interesting. I’ll keep you posted. I should have replacement glasses by Monday afternoon.

I want to extend thanks to Crescent Towing and the captain and crew of "SAVANNAH" for allowing me to be aboard as they worked through the night. Special thanks go to Justin Taylor, Crescent Towing deckhand and aspiring photographer, (and a damn fine one too!),  for making the tug boat opportunity possible.


COURSE continues to hang, and will be on the walls at Gallery Espresso through December 2. If you’re in or near Savannah, please drop by the gallery to see the work.


Here’s an old image of model Kirsten, shot in Savannah in early 2006, the beginnings of my work with nudes and natural light.

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