Monday, June 21, 2010

Blurring the Lines...

Two more from the recent session with Michelle.

I wanted to experiment with creating mysterious and graphical shapes of the body using very soft or nonexistent focus. I like the results and plan to incorporate more of this technique into upcoming sessions. Stay tuned.


My follower count continues to hover at thirteen. I’m not by nature a superstitious person, but I readily admit I’ll feel better with an increase of follower roster numbers. Feel free to spread the word about this blog to anyone you think may find my work of interest. For those of you that lurk, and I suspect there are at least a few, please make yourselves known. After all, photography is about communication.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I had said I wasn’t planning to shoot over the summer of 2010 unless I was struck with staggering inspiration. Well struck I was, literally, by some of the most stunning natural light I’ve seen in recent memory.

These are four brand new images from a session with Michelle R, shot in another old Savannah home, with some of that stunning natural light. Enjoy.


I’ve decided on something of a different approach to this blog.

When I first started the blog in June, 2009, I wrote that this would be a journal to show not only my figure photography but my documentary, travel, and other work genres as well. I also identified it as a place to discuss art and photography and expressed the hope that it would encourage and foster such actual discussions among artists, models, collectors, and so on.

Of course, showing my photography was the easy part. Has it fostered any discussions among artists? I don’t know. Or more accurately; not that I’ve heard.

Having said that, I always wanted the blog to be centered on and about photography; particularly artistic photography of the nude human form. To my own credit, I achieved exactly that; however, during my short lived but rejuvenating break I came to realize that I was writing more and posting fewer and fewer photographs. Certainly I was writing about photographic topics, and rarely strayed from that. But with the numbers of images being posted dwindling to one per post, and on more than a few occasions, none per post, I felt the blog was heading astray.

With this entry, expect the face of the blog to change somewhat. I’m still going to write about things I believe are of interest to the artistic and photographic communities. Treatises on the difficulties of finding models, the travails of my studio sessions, or the state of the art collector markets will only occasionally find their way inside. And when they do, I’ll keep them concise and to the point. I’ll try my best, anyway.