Friday, November 13, 2009

The Artist's Reception...

COURSE has officially opened – albeit quietly.

The remains of hurricane Ida lingered and fussed, and did not move through quickly as forecasters had promised. The weather was simply gross, with heavy rains during the morning hours and by showtime the skies were dark and misty. The evening was blustery, with chilly temperatures. However, the most significant impact on attendance was due to the fact so many of Savannah’s art scene events also took place on the same night. The volume of buyers and lookers seemed to be quite diminished compared to past gallery events. Many of those that did show moved through quickly.

I don’t want to imply the reception wasn’t well attended. There was significant interest expressed in several of the prints by prospective buyers, and some prominent Savannah artists came, for which I’m most grateful. Also, and I just found this out today, the local National Public Radio affiliate had been announcing the opening as a part of their events calendar and a Savannah newspaper columnist praised the work in his most recent column. With the exhibit hanging through December 2, it would seem time is still on my side.

On the lighter side of things, I neglected to check the charge on the little P&S camera’s battery that I brought to the opening. My lovely wife was in charge of taking pictures, and after only six shots, the batteries were drained. She didn’t know the spare battery was in the camera pouch, and I didn’t know she had brought the pouch along with the camera.

The show is at Gallery Espresso, 234 Bull Street (corner of Bull and Perry, on Chippewa Square) and will hang through December 2.

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