Sunday, November 21, 2010


Once again, I’ve not much new to report. Lisa is still quite run-down. She finished her antibiotics this morning but really isn’t feeling any better. As for me, I’m definitely better than she is, but still feeling the effects of this crap. This stuff, whatever it is or was, has been no fun.

For better or worse, the day job has had me on the road much of the past week. Sometimes, it seems as if one must decide to ‘no longer be sick’ and typically, I feel better when I get active and on with things. The side effect of course, is fatigue. Still, I believe this is why I may be doing a little better. Yesterday, still miserable with congestion and cough, Lisa accused me of feeling better on purpose.

My hopes of moving ahead quickly with image edits and post work aren’t being realized, though I am making some progress here and there. I’m meeting with the web designer later today to see what progress she’s made, but it admittedly won’t be much as I’ve not been able to get material to her.

Thanksgiving will not be a big holiday this year for us. I’m hopeful to take advantage of the break it will bring and get some things done with photography. Until then, here are two more from this past summer’s sessions.

To all of my friends and family, Happy Thanksgiving.

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