Monday, August 23, 2010

More New Work From West Hall...

 Recently, I’ve written about how I felt this blog had become somewhat less about photography and more about writing. I resolved to make the change to shorter, more concise entries, and to include more than one image. After all, this is a blog about photography. I’m happy to see I’m doing just that.

Still, some things should be said; minor details and samplings of life, opinion, and thought. Unfortunately, it’s not much different than it has been: my day job continues to dominate my time; I’m very much behind in my post production work; and I shot another very successful session at the West Hall Street location with models Sarah and Michelle after quite a busy week on the road. It was the first time either had modeled with another model and the results, after a cursory scan, look promising.
With this week’s entry, I’m introducing a new series of images. Interestingly enough, these look very much like they were shot in a studio setting. They weren't. This is more of that amazing and versatile West Hall window light. I’ve not thought of a name for these yet; for now they’re simply ‘untitled.’



  1. Mr Ballard,
    LIKE IT! Could you give some technical info from time to time. Such as in each of these photos your exposure looks a little different. Are you metering your shadow and highlight and exposing for between the two. And then exposing for the highlight.

  2. Thank you -

    When I was shooting all film, I was a very technical, scientific photographer. I kept a log of exposure data for negatives and prints, development times, etc. Not so with digital.

    The light at the West Hall location remains very consistent through the day. There are variations of course, such as when clouds pass in front of the sun, but for the most part it's relatively unchanging.

    I take a base incident reading and build from that. I like to shoot nudes at apertures of f5.6 or f8 and bracket the exposures, using shutter speed for exposure control. (I always shoot in 'M' or manual mode and bracketing is an old habit from the film days.) Bracketing is at 1/3 stop, and sometimes at 1/2 stop, depending on the highlights.

    Aside from that, there's not much to tell with regard to technical info.