Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Late Summer Doldrums...

Again, not too much to report. Life moves on, and the day job is keeping me hopping. The editing is lagging and I’m trimming the shoot schedule somewhat. This isn’t as bad as it sounds; working capital and cash flow are powerfully seductive things to the self employed.

Still, I feel a bit stuck; akin to a boat hove to and adrift in the doldrums, heat, humidity, and thunderstorms all around. Summer in Savannah.

More from the West Hall Street location.


  1. BillyAngelo!!! Awesome buddy! I saw the ones that you e-mailed us too...we both love them! :) Nothing but love for B.A.squared

  2. Mr. Ballard I'm wondering if you shot a view of your first shot closer to the sofa and a little more perpendicular maybe causing the vertical rails to seem longer giving a more dramatic effect. But with this photo I can see now somewhat of what you were saying about inviting the outside in. I would be willing to bet that you wish there had been people outside walking by. Please excuse if I offend.

  3. No offense taken or perceived -

    Again, the angle of the shot is meant to convey the sense of an interconnected environment, inside and out.

    I haven't given any thought as to whether any persons were visible outside or not. Someone walking past would have certainly added another element of interest to the shot.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment -