Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In the Summertime...

Once again, I’ve not too much to report photographically. Edits and post work continue on the early summer’s work, and more sessions are in the planning stages for later this month and early September.

I can report that I appear to have developed a successful, workable, and practical image organization system. As with most things, time will tell. So far though, so good.

This past Sunday I did a short session in my home with Michelle R. My approach to the session was one of trial and error, and the results are directly in line with that mindset. We toyed with the idea of some outdoor shots; however, it was burning hot. With the air temperature in the high 90's and humidity in the 60 or 70 percentile, the heat index factor - think of it as sort of a 'reverse wind-chill' - was near 112 degrees. No thanks.

We did create a small number of usable images; unfortunately that was the exception and not the rule. I’ll post one or two with a future entry.

Here are more from that fabulous space on West Hall Street.


  1. Stunning B.A., STUNNING. I look forward to see the new work in the gallery!

  2. Early summer??? I've still got film from February that I haven't even developed yet!

  3. Ha! I found some just last week from about five years ago - probably landscapes or still life; I'm not sure.

    Even with digital, I still work like I did with film: slow and steady.

  4. I love this work Bill, truly fantastic control of he light. Be sure to share more when you can.

  5. Thank you Dave - and it's good to hear from you again!