Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Bolton Street Sessions

The Bolton Street Sessions, as I’ve started to call them, are moving along well. I hope to do at least two or three more shoots in the place before it’s possibly rented. I think I’m safe as it rents primarily to college students, so with it being mid-quarter, I’m not too worried. However, due to scheduling conflicts, I’m not going to have access there until the end of February, so for the next one or two Savannah sessions, I’ll be shooting elsewhere.

Of course, studio work remains a viable option. I work with new models frequently, and often, these are people modeling for the very first time. I’m starting to think the studio works best in these situations. Working on location, I have less control over the environment, the small surprises experienced during the last Bolton Street Session serving as a gentle reminder. I have two, possibly three brand new models I’m planning to shoot during the coming three weeks and new models seem to feel better and more at ease in the studio environment, or at least that’s my impression. So, it’s back to the studio for a bit.


On something of a non-photography note, my wife and I had dinner Friday night with friends at ‘Squat N’ Gobble’, a small roadside eatery in Bluffton, South Carolina, just a few miles north from Savannah. Jay Leno gave it the “Absolute Worst Name for a Restaurant” award; but forget the name. The food was quite good. There’s something magical about Eggs Benedict – good Eggs Benedict at that - and pan fried potatoes for dinner.

Lisa and I are now in Atlanta; having arrived yesterday afternoon. During the trip up, we stopped at my hometown of Griffin, Georgia and had a wonderful lunch with lifelong friends Karen and Kevin H., in town over the weekend to celebrate Kevin’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. Karen and Kevin live in the wine country of California, where Kevin’s hobby and passion is making wine. He’s pretty good at it too, and his wines have won numerous awards over the years. To Lisa’s great delight, he presented us with a bottle of one of his lovely reds. Karen also showed me a handful of photographs from our high-school years. They were great fun to see; and looking at them, I couldn’t help but feel that we were quite an impressive bunch some 30 years ago. Ah, for the days of youth!

I’m shooting a maternity session later this morning with a model I’ve worked with in years past, and after the shoot today, it’s a late lunch with long time friends Alecs and Tim K. Monday, it’s the road trip home to Savannah. Good friends all, people we love dearly; it was and will be wonderful to see them all.


Here are two of Michelle R. from The Bolton Street Sessions.

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