Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The less I Have, The More I Gain...or Something Like That

Not too much of note lately.

I’ve another session set for this coming Saturday in the old Victorian home on Bolton Street, this time with model Michelle R. After a week of slightly above average temps and somewhat drier weather, the present forecast promises yet another chilly and overcast day; a perfect recipe for beautiful light and a cold model.

I’m still debating my ‘question of color.’ We’ll see what this next session brings. In the meantime, here’s another from my first session at that cold, old house.


In a recent post, I wrote about the brick shed in my backyard where the freezer containing my film stash is tucked away. As part of my goal to shoot more film in 2010, I’ve been taking an inventory of film on hand and it’s positively overwhelming. I’ve counted 74 rolls of 35mm Agfa APX 25; hundreds of rolls of Agfa APX 100 and 400, both 35 and 120; and dozens of rolls of Ilford HP5, FP4 and XP2, mostly in 120. There are 10 rolls of 35mm Kodak HIE.

There are also several dozen rolls of Fujichrome film, 35 and 120, including Velvia and Provia. I have a few rolls of C41 process film from Fuji and Kodak, most of which are now discontinued.

I’ll shoot through the B+W stuff, as well as the majority of the C41, scan the negs, and print. I’m not sure what to do about the E6 film, aside from trying to sell them all. There are no labs that can do E6 processing close to me, and I really don’t want to get into the hassle of long distance film developing.

Anyone want to buy some Fujichrome film? Cheap? Really cheap?


  1. Hi Bill

    looking forward to seeing the pics from the Victoriqn home shoot - sounds fantastic.

    I recently inherited an old 120 film bellow camera and am waiting to try it out - if you have any spare 120 rolls going spare wlll be keen to buy them - probably looking at 400asa but will consider anything.


  2. Dave -

    The images in the previous post to this one are from my first shoot in the old home, when it was very, very cold there. We had more moderate conditions this time around, and were able to use more of the rooms in the house, so there's a bit more variety to them. It was still quite chilly there. I hope to have some up by mid-week.

    Per the film, send me an email and let's see what we can sort out. In the interim, I'll have an inventory ready to send to you.