Friday, July 16, 2010

Patience, Patience, Patience


Unfortunately, I don’t have too much to report, photographically speaking. Nor do I have any new images to show. Here’s one with Anna from my 2008 project titled Contre La Lumiere.

I’ve been working on improving my digital workflow. Mostly, I’ve been trying to smooth out some kinks associated with how I store and handle image files which are in process or are finished and ready for output. Lucky for me, something that appears to be workable has emerged.

On paper, it looks quite cumbersome. But when applied, I think it will work; after all, it’s little more than one or two slight modifications to what I was already doing when I shot a mix of film and digital. Considering the thousands of images I’ve shot in my recent sessions, I’ll have ample opportunity to put it to the test.

However, the real post production work will have to wait until early next week. My wife is returning home tomorrow from an extended trip abroad and our goddaughter is arriving for a few days visit. For those reasons, it’s unlikely I’ll have another update here for at least a week.

In the film processing area at the darkroom where I used to do my work, there was a sign over the sink. It read "Patience, Patience, Patience".

That's what I ask of you now. Know that good and beautiful things are on the horizon.

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