Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Something beautiful...

Given the chance, I would rather spend time with one or two friends, or time alone, than go to a party; I love music and prefer it recorded to live; I don’t like turkey and dressing for holiday meals; instead a beautifully grilled medium-rare steak with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli is far better; and I don’t like fireworks. Things launched into the air like missiles, that quickly explode over my head into a shower of burning debris, albeit colorful burning debris, simply don’t enthrall me.

This year’s Independence Day celebration has fit my mold quite nicely. My wife and I spent the weekend with friends in Florida. It’s been lots of time spent on a remarkably not too crowded beach (where my feet were sunburned); lots of talk and chat amongst friends; and good home cooked meals and drink. Best of all, they didn’t make me go to the local fireworks display.

Still, this is a blog about photography. Although there are no pictures of fireworks, no panoramic vistas of what must be one of the last peaceful beaches in Florida, I'll at least share one image of something beautiful.

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